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Blake Morrow Forex

Blake Morrow’s Chart of The Day – September 1st 2021

60 Second Investor

Dollar Tracks Yields Higher

Kathy Lien  · 

The U.S. dollar snapped higher on Tuesday when Treasury yields surged right before the London close. It is difficult to...

Macro Tides Weekly Technical Review
Market Overview

Macro Tides Weekly Technical Review – August 31st 2021

Jim Welsh  · 

Was the Market's Reaction to Powell's Speech Justified? Jim Welsh 20210831

Blue Line Futures
Market Overview

Blue Line – Morning Express August 31st, 2021

Bill Baruch  · 

- The U.S. has completely exited Afghanistan- China Manufacturing PMI avoids contraction at 50.1, but slower than 50.2 expected- China...

Tales from the Trading Desk Episode 5
Market Overview

Tales from the Trading Desk with Dick Matthews – “Why Banks were so Aggressive to Forex Brokers back in the 1980’s”

Richard Matthews  · Richard "Dick" Matthews from GC Partners joined Blake Morrow on this latest episode of Tales from the Trading Desk....

Bannockburn Forex
Market Overview

Two Major Surprises Today: China’s PMI on the Downside and Eurozone CPI on the Upside

Marc Chandler  · 

Today's Highlights •    The US dollar is lower against nearly all the currencies today as risk appetites remain robust, even...

HYCM Henyep Markets

Platinum’s Weakest Time of the Year Ahead

Giles Coghlan  · Platinum tends to gain around the start of the year, but September is the weakest time of the year...

HYCM Henyep Markets
Market Overview

ECB Minutes Overview

Giles Coghlan  · 

The ECB minutes from the July 21-22 meeting were released last week and they revealed a dovish central bank. The...

GC Partners
Market Overview

Summer Starts to Draw to a Close

Richard Matthews  · 

As was widely predicted, the currency markets traded sideways for much of last week as they awaited the Federal Reserve’s...

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