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Interest Rate Hike

An Interest Rate Hike is Coming – Marc Chandler

Current Rate of Inflation

Is Current Rate of Inflation going to increase?

Eric Basmajian  · 

The Fed is about to make a HUGE policy ERROR! Blake Morrow of Traders Summit sits down with Eric...

Chart Patterns
Equities Rates

Citigroup and the 10 Year Treasury Yield

Mary McNamara  · 

Citigroup and the 10 Year Treasury Yield Stocks market investors have been a bit rattled this week amid fear surrounding...

Blake Morrow Forex

Blake Morrow’s Chart of The Day – August 25th 2021

Blake Morrow  · 

10Yr Notes We have a big week in financial markets and the bond market and currencies are consolidating. Specifically, the...


Ready Set Go: Yields Off To The Races

Nick Santiago  · 

There is an old market adage that says the bond market is smarter than the stock market. This saying does...


Could Long-Term Bonds (TLT) Help Form a Worrisome Market Trend?

Forrest Crist-Ruiz  · 

Written by Forrest Crist-Ruiz Recently we talked about the ongoing battle between the Regional Banking Sector (KRE) and the 20+...


This Chart Pattern On Yields Brings Opportunity

Gareth Soloway  · 

As you can see in the chart below, yields formed a perfect cup and handle pattern. This makes a technical analyst like...

macro tides

Macro Tides – “Going Against the Tide”

Jim Welsh  · 

Vaccinations are increasing at Warp Speed, Congress has approved trillions of dollars in support of those out of work and...

macro tides

Macro Tides – “Higher Treasury Yields Likely”

Jim Welsh  · 

In an earlier post entitled ‘Treasury Yields Breakout’ on February 17, I discussed why Treasury yields were headed higher. “The...

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