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giles coghlan
Chief Market Analyst, Consulting for
HYCM Group

Giles Coghlan is a Chief Market Analyst and has been consulting for HYCM Group since April 2018. Giles plays a key role by internationally representing the Group and providing his expertise to HYCM’s investors.

With over 10 years’ experience in trading, Giles is committed to helping traders by providing regular insights on how the global news may affect financial markets. He is also a contributor to major forex and financial media worldwide, providing real-time analysis and featured commentaries on the latest moves in the currency, commodity, stock, and indices markets.

Giles is a gifted and engaging communicator and trading coach. He conducts HYCM’s online webinars, workshops, and in-person seminars for traders around the world. Giles is also a regular guest speaker at universities, including the Murdoch University Dubai and the American University in Dubai, and at industry events such as the Dubai Forex Expo 2021.

HYCM is the global brand name of HYCM Capital Markets (UK) Limited, HYCM (Europe) Ltd, HYCM Capital Markets (DIFC) Ltd and HYCM Limited, all individual entities under HYCM Capital Markets Group, a global corporation operating in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. 

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