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Macro U.S. Economy

U.S. Household Woes: Loan Delinquencies And Debt Costs Soar

China Macro

China’s Descent Into Deflation – And Why That’s A Big Problem

Adem Tumerkan  · 

*Previously posted at China’s economy has officially fallen into deflation – for the first time in two years. The...

Macro U.S. Economy

The Soft-Landing Mirage – These Indicators Reveal The Hidden Truth

Adem Tumerkan  · 

*Previously published at SpeculatorsAnonymous.comOver the last month, it appears that the crowd has now taken a full swing from the...

Macro Rates U.S. Economy

Lessons We Can Learn from Knut Wicksell’s Natural Interest Rate Theory

Adem Tumerkan  · 

Many financial pundits and analysts often only look at central bank interest rate hikes or cuts. As if it’s an...

Macro Market Overview U.S. Economy

Both Excess Savings And Bank Lending Have Plunged – And That’s Not Good

Adem Tumerkan  · 

Back in March, I wrote about the pandemic-era excess savings glut and why it was premature to discuss an impending recession as...

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