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Blue Line Futures
Market Overview

Market Overview – Morning Express

Blue Line Futures

Corn – Soybean – Wheat Trading Analysis

Oliver Sloup  · 

Oliver Sloup of Blue Line Futures provides Corn, Soybean, Wheat Trading Analysis for September 30th, 2021. Corn Trading Analysis (December)...

Bannockburn Forex
Market Overview

The US Dollar Value Consolidates

Marc Chandler  · 

Today's Highlights •    The US dollar’s surge that lifted it to new highs for the year yesterday against the euro,...

dollar bill

King USD is in the House

Chris Weston  · 

King USD is in the house, it doesn’t matter the currency, just buy USDs has been the vibe – the...


Strength Rotates Into the Financial Sector

(Untitled)  · 

Strength Rotates Into the Financial Sector Written by Forrest Crist-Ruiz Wednesday showed weakness in key sectors including the biotech (IBB),...

Current Rate of Inflation

Is Current Rate of Inflation going to increase?

Eric Basmajian  · 

The Fed is about to make a HUGE policy ERROR! Blake Morrow of Traders Summit sits down with Eric...

Blue Line Futures
Market Overview

Congress playing a high stakes game of chicken

Bill Baruch  · 

- Congress playing a high stakes game of chicken. Government shutdown Friday without funding. - Potential separation of funding bill...

Bannockburn Forex
Market Overview

Hard to be Sterling

Marc Chandler  · 

Hard to be Sterling Today's Highlights •    The US dollar remains firm, having risen to new highs for the year...

Day Trade Ideas

USDJPY Daily Technical Analysis

Jason Sen  · 

USDJPY Daily Technical Analysis is provided by Jason Sen of Day Trade Ideas, Jason Sen has been in the financial...

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