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Will the Stock Market Bloodbath Continue?

Ted Oakley

We are in a BEAR MARKET and may be in a range for 5-7 years

Ted Oakley  · Ted Oakley, managing partner of Oxbow Advisors, sits down with Blake Morrow to discuss the markets, housing, inflation, crypto...

Bannockburn Forex
Market Overview

Did China’s Politburo Throw Markets a Lifeline?

Marc Chandler  · 

Did China's Politburo Throw Markets a Lifeline? Today's Financial Markets Highlights •    The US dollar’s relentless climb stalled today after...

Day Trade Ideas

Technical Analysis – DayTradeIdeas

Jason Sen  · 

Daily Technical Analysis is provided by Jason Sen of Day Trade Ideas, who has been day trading since the late...

giles coghlan

Will the FOMC reach peak bullishness next week?

Giles Coghlan  · Will the FOMC reach peak bullishness next week? The FOMC meet next week and markets are expecting a 50...

Market Overview

Caxton Economic Update – April 29th, 2022

Michael Brown  · Watch Caxton’s Senior Market Analyst, Michael Brown, talk about what’s been happening in the markets over the past week,...

Macro Tides Weekly Technical Review
Market Overview

Macro Tides Weekly Technical Review April 28th 2022

Jim Welsh  · 

Macro Tides Weekly Technical Review Markets Discount the Future? Ha! One of Wall Street’s favorite axioms is that markets discount...

Blue Line Futures
Market Overview

Market Overview – Morning Express

Bill Baruch  · 

E-mini S&P (June) / NQ (June) E-mini S&P (June) / NQ (June) S&P, yesterday’s close: Settled at 4180.25, up 9.75 NQ,...

katie stockton
Market Overview

Popular Trading Indicators for Technical Analysis

Katie Stockton  · Katie Stockton, the Founder and Managing Partner of Fairlead Strategies, had a very interesting conversation with Blake Morrow during...

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