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At fifteen, Lori McGwire started college and graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Louisiana State University. She went on to earn an MBA along with earning certifications as a Professional Coder, Healthcare Compliance Officer, Medical Practice Executive, Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, and Healthcare Compliance Consultant. 

She started DoctorsXL, a physician management company because she was committed to creating this win-win situation in healthcare practices throughout the country. Her drive to help her customers succeed produced results and those results have earned her recognition. She was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology and was named to the Reno Gazette Journal’s list of Top Twenty Leaders Under 40. An avid sports fan, Lori brings a competitive spirit and drive to every aspect of her life. Lori transitioned that passion to trading. Lori is a CEO turned Day Trader. After selling her Physician Management company in 2015, she focused her efforts on the stock market. She began teaching herself technical analysis through Youtube videos and thousands of hours of practice. 

Lori is a Partner with The ChartGuys and teaches technical analysis. She streams to the public and inside the TCG community daily. She has taken what she’s learned from Healthcare/Risk Management and now applies it to trading stocks. Applying risk management metrics to trading scenarios proves to be her new passion and teaches others how to navigate the stock, commodities, futures, options, and crypto markets. A true leader and educator focused on sharing market knowledge through mentorship and community contributions.

The Chart Guys

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