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larry tentarelli
Blue Chip Daily Trend Report

Larry Tentarelli is a full-time trader, and the Editor Publisher of the Blue Chip Daily Trend Report. Larry has been actively involved in markets as a trader and investor since 1998 and was a licensed Financial Advisor to High Net Worth individuals with Merrill Lynch for 5 years, before making the decision to manage and trade his own accounts.

Larry has been posting his market commentary, technical views, and stock and ETF ideas on Twitter since January of 2013, and currently has a following of over 71,000 people, including CNBC, Bloomberg, Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, the CME and many investment advisors, fund managers and financial journalists. Larry has been named “One of the Top 50 Twitter accounts for investors to follow” by CBS Marketwatch and one of the “Most Helpful Traders on Twitter”, in a broad-based Twitter poll.

Larry specializes in high-volume, large cap stocks and ETFs, with an intermediate to longer-term time frame. Larry follows a price based, trend following approach to markets. 

Larry has also been interviewed by the CME, and a guest on a variety of financial podcasts. Larry is a guest contributor for CBS Marketwatch, and See It Market. He has also been quoted in the book “Trend Following”.

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