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    “High energy costs and inflation could trigger the next financial crisis”

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    world-class individuals in fascinating presentations, interviews and live panels

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    Central Bank Policy Under The Spotlight

  • Introducing Traders Summit

    Our fifth Traders Summit online trading event will be held in May 2023. Our world-class speakers are going to deliver some exciting insights regarding the high energy cost and inflation on this upcoming online event on trading.

    Forex Analytix and Forest Park FX, with the help of Platinum Sponsor Eightcap, have put together an exceptional line-up of world-class speakers, making each presentation an unmissable event. This upcoming Traders Summit online trading show in May 2023 is also sponsored by Trader Funding Program by Forex Analytix, Trading Indicators, Tidal Financial Group, PlaceYourTrades.com and the CMT Association, and our media partners FX Street and Financial Markets.media.

    Our speakers include market analysts, technicians and strategists, who cover a broad range of asset classes and instruments. They are all elite individuals who are ready to share their insights and extended market knowledge during their allotted 45- minute slots, which will be in the form of presentations, interviews or a live panel. They will discuss the current world situation, including the crude oil and natural gas situation, and its impact on the energy prices as well as the inflation and how this impacts the stock market. Registrants will have full access to the entirety of the event, as well as access to a recording of the presentations. Join this top-class free online trading show by reserving your seat now FOR FREE!

    19th – 21st May Available Worldwide

    Upcoming Speakers

    A great line-up of distinguished individuals will share their views and opinions in this online market analysis event. Sessions will be in the form of prepared presentations, interviews, and live debate. Top-class content from our exceptional speakers!

    Danielle DiMartino Booth

    Quill Intelligence LLC

    Peter D. Schiff

    Euro Pacific Capital Inc.

    Mark Minervini


    Tracy Shuchart

    Intelligence Quarterly

    Helene Meisler


    Michele “Mish” Schneider


    Daniel Lacalle

    Tressis SV

    Danny Blanchflower

    Dartmouth College

    Steven Van Metre


    Brent Donnelly

    Spectra Markets

    michael gayed

    Michael A. Gayed

    Toroso Investments

    michael brown

    Michael Brown

    Caxton FX

    Weston Nakamura

    Real Vision

    Joseph Wang

    Federal Reserve

    anthony crudele

    Anthony Crudele

    Futures Radio Show Podcast

    David Keller


    Jim Bianco

    Bianco Research LLC

    Jeffrey P. Snider

    Atlas Financial

    octavio tavi costa

    Otavio (Tavi) Costa

    Crescat Capital

    Gareth Soloway


    Rohit Srivastava


    jim welsh

    Jim Welsh

    Macro Tides – Weekly Technical Review

    Mark Ritchie

    Daniel Sinnig


    Our Team of Interviewers and Moderators

    We have a great lineup of Interviewers/Moderators, whose knowledge and experience are going to make each discussion exciting and memorable!

    Dale Pinkert

    Forex Analytix Community Experience (F.A.C.E.)

    blake morrow

    Blake Morrow

    Forex Analytix

    Steve Voulgaridis

    Forex Analytix

    Stelios Kontogoulas

    Forex Analytix

    Ryan Littlestone

    ForexFlow Live

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    Our Schedule

    This event will be held over three days, each day consisting of a number of presentations and/or interviews. Speakers will be allotted 45-minute presentation slots, during which they will have the opportunity to present their views and ideas. There will be a short period after each presentation, during which speakers can take questions from the audience and make the changeover for the following speaker.

    Fri 19th May will run from 11:45 EST (15:45 GMT) until 16:00 EST (20:00 GMT)
    Sat 20th May will run from 08:00 EST (12:00 GMT) until 14:30 EST (18:30 GMT)
    Sun 21st May will run from 08:00 EST (12:00 GMT) until 14:00 EST (18:00 GMT)

  • Fri 19th May 2023
  • Sat 20th May 2023
  • Sun 21st May 2023
  • EST 11:45 AM

    Forum Kick-off

    EST 16:00 PM

    End of Day 1

    EST 08:00 AM

    Forum Kick-off

    EST 14:30 PM

    End of Day 2

    EST 08:00 AM

    Forum Kick-off

    EST 14:30 PM

    End of Day 3

    Our Sponsors

    This event is proudly sponsored by Eightcap (Platinum Sponsor), Trader Funding Program by Forex Analytix , Trading Indicators, Tidal Financial Group, PlaceYourTrades.com and the CMT Association.

    Our History

    Our past Traders Summit online events have been very successful, with thousands of registrants and top-class content. Our hand-picked speakers have delivered top quality content in the form of interviews, presentations, live panel discussions and debates.

    We thank every single attendee and look forward to seeing you soon in our future Traders Summit events

    Event Presentations

    Our Great Reviews

    Don’t take our word for it. Read some awesome reviews from our audience.

    Thank you for hosting! Gratitude for the entertaining and informative, warm presentations.

    Rodney Arie

    Thank you so much for my new 13 mentors. I consider myself beyond blessed.

    Steven Gallego

    Thank you so much, guys. Fantastic analysis and speakers, all the best going forward.

    Thomas Sanders

    Special gratitude to the ForexAnalytix team and the speakers for organizing this event.”

    Bruk Habtemichael

    All of these sessions were very interesting and very rich. A lot came through! This was a great 2-day event and look forward to seeing the interviews again!

    Didier Fumat

    Thanks, Dale, Steve, and everyone for organizing and facilitating such an awesome online summit & informative presentation.

    Saadia Zehra

    Excellent sessions. I enjoyed them all and learned a lot. Looking forward to reviewing the recording. Stay safe and healthy.

    Akira Ensiki

    Thank you guys for these 2 days. I’m new to trading and in these 2 days I’ve learned a lot of new stuff. I’m looking forward to the recordings because I want to see some presentations one more time.

    Florin Cracium

    Greetings from Mexico, thanks for the great info, has shed a lot of light for my trades. Already signed up for the daily forum. Saludos.

    Felipe Angel

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