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Market Overview

Traders Summit Sep 2020 Interview: Danielle DiMartino Booth

Market Overview

Sep 2020 Traders Summit – 5-way Debate!

Peter Schiff  · 

Panel Discussion : “COVID, stimulus and the US Elections – what to expect from the markets” Participants: Peter Schiff, Mark...


The S&P500 Index Marches On

Stelios Kontogoulas  · 

The S&P500 - and US equities in general - made 3 big channel moves since the early 2000s. The 10-year rally after...

magnifying glass on chart
Market Overview

ForexAnalytix – The Week Ahead November 15th 2020

Blake Morrow  ·


The German 10y Bund – Are Negative Yields Here to Stay?

Stelios Kontogoulas  · 

The 10y Bund had been on a strong bull run from 2014 to 2017, its yield having oscillated around zero and remaining at extremely...

precious metals

Precious Metals – 2021 and Beyond

Stelios Kontogoulas  · 

Precious metals started a prolonged bear move in 2012 following the prospects of higher rates and a stronger dollar, and this...


Bitcoin – Fad or the Future?

Stelios Kontogoulas  · 

Bitcoin has been around since late 2008 but it only started making the news in early 2013. It is a crypto-currency and...

usa flag
Forex Market Overview

US Presidential Elections and Possible Outcomes

Blake Morrow  · 

Blake’s insight: As we are just days away from one of the most highly publicized, highly anticipated US elections we...


Chart of the Day 17th November 2020 – EURUSD

Blake Morrow  · 

The EURUSD is in a slight descending channel with resistance near the 1.1900 level. Eventually we do think the EURUSD...

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