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Steven Marcantonio known by many as "ThePivotKing" has been in financial markets since 2001. Was an entrepreneur in his younger years focusing on search engine optimization and sold his company to become a full time trader in 2007. Also has a substantial real estate portfolio and manages a family fund. 
Developed a strategy called "The Pivot King Method".

"Can You Watch Paint Dry". Trading Commandments You Need To Know!

Presentation will touch on a set of rules that I use for myself that keeps me in check when trading volatility.
Will also touch on mistakes I have made in the past and the journey along with the many speed bumps that I overcame into becoming a full time profitable trader.
Will also touch on patience and waiting for trade setups which I phrase "Can You Watch Paint Dry" No Setup No Trigger!!!

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19th - 21st May

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19th - 21st May

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19th - 21st May
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