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jim welsh

Jim Welsh

Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie is a Trader/Investor/Portfolio Manager. Mark was featured in 'Momentum Masters' and 'New Market Wizards'.

Jim Bianco

Jim Bianco is President and Macro Strategist at Bianco Research, L.L.C. Since 1990 Jim’s commentaries have offered a unique perspective...

Rohit Srivastava

Mr. Rohit Srivastava is the Founder Strategist and Author of the Popular market Blog an Industry Veteran in the...


Saeed Zaman

Saeed Zaman, or better known as TraderSZ on Twitter, has been a price action trader for over a decade. Mainly focusing on...

Jeffrey P. Snider

Jeffrey Snider is Chief Strategist for Atlas Financial, advisor to Portfolio Shield™ and co-host of the popular Eurodollar University podcast....

Steven Van Metre

Steven Van Metre, CFP® is the President of Steven Van Metre Financial. He has more than 20 years of experience...

Weston Nakamura

Weston is the Global Markets Editor at Real Vision, based in Tokyo. As a former listed derivatives trader at Goldman...

Danny Blanchflower

Professor Danny Blanchflower, CBE is a British-American labour economist and academic. He is currently a tenured economics professor at Dartmouth...

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