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Introducing Traders Summit

A premier online event aimed at traders of all levels and backgrounds. Improve your market knowledge and take your trading to the next level!

ForexAnalytix, sponsored by Pepperstone, Market Traders Institute, SmartTrader, the CMT Association, Toroso Asset Management, ATAC, TradingIndicators.com, Midland Trust, LiveSquawk and FXStreet, have put together an exceptional line-up of world-class speakers, making each trading interview an unmissable event.

Our speakers include market analysts, technicians and strategists, who cover a broad range of asset classes and instruments. They are all elite individuals who are ready to share their insights and extended market knowledge during their allotted 40-minute trading interview, which will be in the form of presentations, trading interviews or a live panel. Registrants will have full access to the entirety of the event, as well as access to a recording of the presentations. Join this top-class online event by reserving your seat now FOR FREE!

25th – 27th Sep Available Worldwide

Peter D. Schiff

Euro Pacific Capital Inc.

Panel Discussion : “COVID, stimulus and the US Elections – what to expect from the markets” bracket

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Quill Intelligence LLC

Live Interview with Danielle DiMartino Booth bracket

Mark W. Yusko

Morgan Creek Capital Management

Panel Discussion : “COVID, stimulus and the US Elections – what to expect from the markets” bracket

Peter Boockvar

Bleakley Advisory Group

Live Interview with Peter Boockvar bracket

Jack D. Schwager


Live Interview with Jack Schwager bracket

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano

Panel Discussion : “COVID, stimulus and the US Elections – what to expect from the markets” bracket

Lyn Alden Schwartzer

Lyn Alden Investment Strategy

Live Interview with Lyn Alden bracket

Michael A. Gayed

Toroso Investments

Before It’s Too Late: Using Lumber And Gold To Actively Manage Stocks And Bonds. bracket

Tracy Shuchart

Hedge Fund Telemetry

Live Interview with Tracy Shuchart bracket

Ashraf Laidi

Intermarket Strategy Ltd

Applying Intermarket Fractals to Price & Time bracket

Mark Dow

Pharo Management LLC

Panel Discussion : “COVID, stimulus and the US Elections – what to expect from the markets” bracket

Steven Goldstein

AlphaRCubed Ltd

Tipping The Odds bracket

Daniel Lacalle

Tressis SV

Panel Discussion : “COVID, stimulus and the US Elections – what to expect from the markets” bracket

Aksel Kibar

Tech Charts Research & Trading

Application of classical charting principles in FX & Equity markets – Long-term perspective bracket

Chris Pulver

Market Traders Institute

Trade to be Profitable – Not Perfect bracket

Chris Weston


The Fed’s new inflation regime – why real rates and the USD are the center of the financial universe. bracket

Brett N. Steenbarger Ph.D.

SUNY Upstate Medical University

The World’s Largest Group Mentoring and Coaching Session for FX Traders bracket

Blake Morrow


Abigail Doolittle

Bloomberg Television

Dale Pinkert

ForexAnalytix F.A.C.E. Webinar bracket

Justine Underhill

Blake Morrow


Joe Perry

Forex Analytix

Stelios Kontogoulas

Forex Analytix

Steve Voulgaridis

Forex Analytix

Goodbye April 2020

Our inaugural April 2020 Traders Summit was an enormous success, with over 5000 registrants and top-class content. The twelve exceptional hand-picked presenters delivered some excellent presentations or provided insightful live interviews. They made the event a hit and made sure that future events will be highly popular. We thank every single person who attended and look forward to seeing you soon in our future Traders Summit events!

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Special gratitude to the ForexAnalytix team and the speakers for organizing this event.”

Bruk Habtemichael

All of these sessions were very interesting and very rich. A lot came through! This was a great 2-day event and look forward to seeing the interviews again!

Didier Fumat

Thanks, Dale, Steve, and everyone for organizing and facilitating such an awesome online summit & informative presentation.

Saadia Zehra

Excellent sessions. I enjoyed them all and learned a lot. Looking forward to reviewing the recording. Stay safe and healthy.

Akira Ensiki

Thank you guys for these 2 days. I’m new to trading and in these 2 days I’ve learned a lot of new stuff. I’m looking forward to the recordings because I want to see some presentations one more time.

Florin Cracium

Greetings from Mexico, thanks for the great info, has shed a lot of light for my trades. Already signed up for the daily forum. Saludos.

Felipe Angel

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