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Our fourth Traders Summit event held in October 2022 was another great success, with high registrant participation and top-class content. The world-class speakers delivered some stimulating presentations and provided insightful live interviews. They made the event a hit and made sure that future events will continue to be highly popular. We thank every single person who attended and look forward to seeing you soon in our future Traders Summit events!

Event Speakers

A great line-up of distinguished individuals who shared their views and opinions on markets and trading. Sessions were in the form of prepared presentations, interviews, and a live debate. Top-class content from exceptional speakers!

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Quill Intelligence LLC

Peter D. Schiff

Euro Pacific Capital Inc.

Mark Minervini


Tracy Shuchart

Intelligence Quarterly

Helene Meisler


Michele “Mish” Schneider


Daniel Lacalle

Tressis SV

Danny Blanchflower

Dartmouth College

Steven Van Metre


Brent Donnelly

Spectra Markets

michael gayed

Michael A. Gayed

Toroso Investments

michael brown

Michael Brown

Caxton FX

Weston Nakamura

Real Vision

Joseph Wang

Federal Reserve

anthony crudele

Anthony Crudele

Futures Radio Show Podcast

David Keller


Jim Bianco

Bianco Research LLC

Jeffrey P. Snider

Atlas Financial

octavio tavi costa

Otavio (Tavi) Costa

Crescat Capital

Gareth Soloway


Rohit Srivastava


jim welsh

Jim Welsh

Macro Tides – Weekly Technical Review

Mark Ritchie

Daniel Sinnig


Our Sponsors

This event is proudly sponsored by Eightcap (Platinum Sponsor), Trader Funding Program by Forex Analytix , Trading Indicators, Tidal Financial Group, PlaceYourTrades.com and the CMT Association.

Our Media Partners

The event’s media partners are FX Street and Financial Markets Media.

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