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Energy & Materials Analyst
Hedge Fund Telemetry

Tracy Shuchart manages an energy, materials, and commodity portfolio for a family office. She is also the Energy and Materials analyst at Hedge Fund Telemetry. Hedge Fund Telemetry is a specialized research and services group, with a focus on market sentiment, macro weekly and daily insights, sector rotations, and long and short trade ideas. With access to customized research, we cover domestic and international markets.

Tracy started a career in finance at the Chicago Board of Trade. There, she started as a futures, options, and managed futures broker before moving on to managing a trade desk on the trade floor, where her firm strategized and executed on behalf of large hedge funds and global banks in energy, agriculture, softs, livestock, metals, FX futures, bonds and federal funds markets.

Tracy graduated with honors from the University of Southern California. She holds a degree in Political Science with an emphasis on Comparative Politics and International Relations.

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