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Steve’s academic studies include a bachelor degree in Business Administration and one in Finance. Steve has been actively engaged with the world of Finance and the financial markets since 2005. He started his career as an individual trader managing personal and family funds and within a few years progressed to become a consultant and trader for a private fund.

Due to his educational background, Steve uses Macroeconomic theory and the study of fundamentals, to build a top – down, long term view of the markets. Additionally, the tools of trade he uses to analyze their daily movements are comprised of Classical Chart Patterns, Candlestick Patterns, Fibonacci and Elliott Wave Theory.

Steve is an avid lover of sciences (with economics being the prominent one in his heart) and has always dedicated part of his free time studying them. He likes to spend the rest of his free time doing sports (tennis, basketball, football, sailing), socializing with friends and travelling. Steve is happily married since 2014 with 1 baby boy and 2 feline companions (cats) completing his household family.

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