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mike shell
President and CIO
Shell Capital Management

In 2004, Mike founded Shell Capital Management to specialize in alternative investment strategies. He has since applied his skills in active risk management and directional trend systems to a global, multi-market scope of exchange trade securities. 

Mike is the portfolio manager of the Asymmetry® Investment Program, an account program that is offered through independent investment advisors at several custodians and brokerage firms. For more than five years, he has been designated a “Top Performing Manager” by institutional publications such as Pensions & Investments. Mike has extensive experience in active risk management and control, portfolio management, statistical analysis and directional trend system development. He passionately pursues a positive asymmetric risk-reward profile for his clients. 

Mike’s proprietary systems, methods and algorithms include active risk management, directional trend-following and counter-trend systems applied to exchange-traded securities. While his methods are impressive, Mike prioritizes his relationships with his clients through commitment, confidence, consistency and discipline. He is the epitome of an independent thinker as someone whose knowledge and skills were learned, not taught. 

Prior to founding Shell Capital, Mike gained experience as a Registered Principal and Registered Options Principal with the Investment Management Division of another firm. Mike is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Tennessee Wesleyan University.

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