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Forex Analytix is a unique service which provides analysis on all the popular types: Macro, Basic Technical, Candlestick, Harmonics and Elliott Waves. They are all seamlessly integrated and combined with several other market tools on a cutting edge platform that won’t ever stop expanding.

It empowers even the most seasoned and experience traders with the ability to stay up-to-speed with events and price patterns for 30 FX, Commodities, Stock Markets and crypto-currencies. It trains novice traders to become familiar with several types of technical & macroeconomic analysis and enables them to become accustomed to recognising technical patterns and understanding the implications of macroeconomic decisions and events.

ForexAnalytix is run by some of the sharpest trading minds in the market. A core group of 9 acknowledged traders with various backgrounds and specialisations cooperates daily with a group of analysts and associates, working continuously to provide you with the prevailing scenarios and (often) alternative perspectives for each of the covered markets. The team scans the market throughout the trading day looking for great chart patterns, changes in macro data, and shifting trends, delivering that analysis straight to the customer.

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