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erik bregar
Bregar Capital Corp.

Erik Bregar is the President & CEO of Bregar Capital Corp and author of The FX Beat; a twice-daily newsletter that helps traders, fund managers, and corporates better time their entries into, and exits from, the foreign exchange markets.

He covers USDCAD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and USDJPY from a technical point of view; provides his take on what drove price action for the most recent session, and offers his opinion as to where prices could be headed over the next 12-48hrs. Erik focuses on how markets respond to trendline, Fibonacci, moving average and option expiry levels (support & resistance); how they react to popular candlestick and drawn patterns, how they correlate with equity, interest rate, and commodity markets, and how they tend to feast on speculative positioning with negative P&L.

He was formerly the Head of FX Trading at Questrade and the Head of FX Strategy at Exchange Bank of Canada, and is quoted regularly by Reuters.  In his spare time, Erik enjoys BBQ’ing, playing tennis and soccer, and sharing a good wine, bourbon or sipping tequila with friends and family.

The FX Beat

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